In Memoriam: Jimmy Allen

Monday, June 16, 2014

In Memoriam: Jimmy Allen(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

Jimmy Allen, former president of ATU Local 689, has passed after a long illness. Allen (at far right) had also served for many years on the Executive Board of the Metro Washington Council and on the board of the Maryland State and DC AFL-CIO, as well as president of the Maryland & DC Alliance for Retired Americans. “Jimmy was a rock-solid trade unionist and one who always wore his love for the labor movement proudly on his sleeve,” said Metro Council president Jos Williams. “We grew up in the movement together and I cannot think of anyone who was more committed to both the Council and the State Fed. Jimmy always gave his all. We’ve lost a really committed brother and I’ve lost a good friend.”  Said ATU president Jackie Jeter, “Jimmy Allen was a true trade unionist, not just because he was an officer of the union but because it was his life's blood. He believed in labor unions and he believed in union people. He also loved politics and political labor activities and he didn't mind correcting a politician who wasn't labor friendly. He taught everyone who worked with him that you aren't a true union member unless you're in the fight!” Community Services Agency Executive Director Kathleen McKirchy added that “Jimmy was a great fan of Labor Night at the Nats, buying as many as 60 tickets for his extended family.” photo (l-r): Fred Allen, Jackie Jeter and Jimmy Allen; photo by Bill Burke/Page One


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