Federal Workers Prepare for Possible Sequestration & Furloughs

Monday, February 11, 2013

Federal Workers Prepare for Possible Sequestration & Furloughs(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)

With sequestration – and possible furloughs – looking more and more likely, federal worker unions and their members across the metro area are mobilizing and preparing. More than 1,500 AFGE and AFSCME members and their supporters – including Sen. Charles Schumer (D., NY), Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D., MD), AFSCME President Lee Saunders, AFGE President David Cox, and AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka – will rally on Capitol Hill tomorrow at noon to urge Congress to shield vital government programs and services from devastating budget cuts. The two largest unions representing government employees at the local, state and federal levels are also calling Congress, educating their members, lobbying and getting ready to consult and bargain with management over the effects of sequestration, while the Metro Washington Council’s Community Services Agency is helping federal workers prepare by battening down their financial hatches. “We do not believe that federal workers, who have already contributed over $100 billion dollars toward deficit reduction should have to pay more so that large corporations can continue ripping off the country through tax loopholes and low tax rates,” said AFSCME Council 26 Executive Director Carl Goldman. “We don’t think that Social Security, air traffic safety, food inspection, programs that benefit the rural poor and senior citizens  and more should be sacrificed to help pay for the misdeeds of Wall Street.” - report by Chris Garlock; photo from AFGE rally by Johnny Walker


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