Labor College to Sell Campus, Continue Online

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Labor College to Sell Campus, Continue Online(Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO)The National Labor College (NLC) is planning to sell the school’s Silver Spring campus and continue as a primarily online educational institution. “The College is working hard to continue its core mission of educating union workers and their families, now and in the future,” said NLC President Paula Peinovich. “Courses will be on line,” said a Union City source. “The College’s Board of Trustees has made difficult decisions to refocus on the College’s core mission,” said Peinovich. In addition to selling the campus, the College plans to stop operating the Kirkland Conference Center and the George Meany Memorial Archives by August 31. “The College’s educational programs are continuing without interruption,” Peinovich, noting that “Students’ online courses, support services, and registration processes are continuing.” It was not immediately clear what the impact of these changes would be on the College’s unionized staff. - photo: Jack Stripling / Inside Higher Ed: some of the College’s photographs and memorabilia from the history of the labor movement, including picket signs seen here in a bar where students socialize


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